Mum’s 4 Golden Weight Loss Tips

Mums Know Their Stuff! Here’s 4 Easy To Implement Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight. But Will You Listen..?

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Do you eat when you’re not hungry?

Do you even know what real hunger feels like any more?

Millions of types of foods are so readily available nowadays that we get to eat whatever we want whenever we want.

We walk past a coffee shop, one of those that bake their own pastries, and all of a sudden “OMG I’m famished!”

But are we really “famished”?

Own it, more often than not we’re not even slightly hungry.

The reality is that many of us don’t know what real hunger feels like any more. We’ve messed up our biological clock by making up our own rules around food: we skip breakfast in the morning, have a bar of chocolate for lunch and a massive dinner, go on a juice detox for a week, or fast for days and then go on a huge binge…

We need to go back to basics, and fast, before we get so fat and ill we spend the best years of our lives in a hospital bed, or a coffin.

Did you know humans are genetically designed to live 120 years?

Yet many of us are barely making it into our sixties any more. That’s half a life wasted!

We really need to learn a few lessons. And here are some easy ones. The 3 P’s of Hunger:

1. Hunger is physical; you feel it in your stomach

2. Hunger is progressive; it gets worse as time passes

3. Hunger is persistent; it won’t go away

When you keep this simple rule in mind you’ll find you’re more mindful every day from now on, which means you’ll make better decisions.

But there are also a few things a lot of us learnt from our mums (but chose to ignore) that will help us be more in control of our eating habits, make better choices, avoid over eating and shed a few pounds naturally and quickly!

Mum’s 4 golden tips:

1# Sit down at the table and use your utensils (fork, knife, spoon) to eat your food

2# Eat with no distractions; no phone, no laptop, no magazine, no TV, no nothing… just you and your plate of food

3# Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth for a reason, it’s not designed to deal with big chunks of food!

4# Say thanks. Studies show that people who give thanks before their meals eat less!

Don’t believe mum? Implement these rules for a week and watch the scales go down!

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