How To Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness. Sixty percent of men will sooner or later suffer from it. Usually this form of baldness is hereditary. Often the hair loss is limited to the crown or the hairline. It can also spread until only hair remains around the skull. The moment the baldness manifests itself differs from person to person. Men who suffer from hair loss at a young age have a good chance of becoming completely bald afterwards. In women, this form of baldness is less common, it is limited to thinning the hair.

The hormonal hair loss is the most common form and arises under the influence of androgens, the male hormones. This hair loss starts from a certain age and occurs in both men and women. In men it usually starts with the shifting of the hairline at the level of the temples. In women, this is more discreet and never progresses to true baldness.

This form of hair loss is hereditary, it cannot be cured, but there are a number of methods to stop hair loss and bring about new hair growth. There is a genetic predisposition that makes the hair root more sensitive to the male hormone in some people, the hairs end their hair cycle faster, and so more hair is lost than is formed. This form of hair loss can not be cured, but there are a number of methods to stop evolution or even bring about new hair growth. Scientific research has shown that hair loss stops when the transition from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is inhibited.

There are various products that can treat hair loss

Hair lotion containing 2% minoxidil, a medicine originally used for high blood pressure, can regrow hair. The product must be used for life, otherwise hair loss will start again. An additional disadvantage is that the product must be dissolved in a strong alcohol solution in order to be effective.

Aminexil for women is a leading product against hair loss in pharmacy. It prevents the hardening of the collagen shell so that the tissues surrounding the hair root remain supple and elastic, and the hair root can anchor itself more firmly in the scalp. By providing the hair follicle with activating elements necessary for hair growth, stronger, thicker hair can be created. Vitamins PP and B6 revitalize the hair and make it more beautiful.

Arginine stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and the supply of essential nutrients. The soft, round and ergonomically shaped massage applicator is suitable for every scalp, provides a massage of the scalp and a stimulation of the microcirculation.

Phytolium 4 is a growth-stimulating treatment against chronic and severe hair loss with four-fold action. Thanks to the presence of shiitake, wild apple stem cells, serenoa, essential oils, glycoproteins from solanum and grape procyanidols, it extends the life of the hair, inhibits hair loss, accelerates growth and gives vitality to the hair.

Finasteride blocks the formation of dihydrotestosterone; the active form of testosterone (in the blood and in the hair follicles). There is a potential for erectile dysfunction and a decrease in libido and it has been reported that this can be a lasting effect. It is recommended that the use of finasteride is discontinued if the partner wants to become pregnant. All this makes the use of finasteride against baldness less attractive for many.

Alline Procap are capsules containing water-soluble keratin as well as an association of ten vitamins and three minerals. It is a complete vitality cocktail for the hair. Thanks to the presence of keratin, the main component of the hair, the hair gets more structure and strength.