Olive Oil: Benefits Of Different Types

Think twice before refusing the olive oil in the salad the next time

Olive oil, olive oil, or simply olive oil is a vegetable oil extracted from olives. In addition to being very healthy for the body, olive oil can even be used on skin and hair. But there are people who do not know its various benefits, much less the difference from one olive oil to another (extra virgin olive oil,virgin olive oil,pure olive oil and light olive oil ). The olive oil is the proof that there is fat healthy.

In general, olive oil provides numerous benefits for our body. Would you know what they are? Check out the different types of olive oil below and get to know them so you can make the best choice according to your needs:

Extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil is an oil of high quality and it provides many health benefits. The process used to extract it is “with pressure”, in which there is no heating. It is the healthiest olive oil , as it has antioxidants and acidity of up to 1%. It is recommended for salad dressings and hot dishes.

In addition, regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil is beneficial in other aspects: it does not accumulate fat in the belly, protects it from ultraviolet rays , improves digestion, reduces pain and inflammation and, on top of that, helps in the absorption of calcium by the bones.

Light olive oil

Even though the name suggests to be something less caloric, this type of oil has the same amount of calories and the same amount of fats as the other types of oil . His name is more related to taste than to his properties. It is recommended to use it for grilling food and also for frying.

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