Do You Already Drink Apple Cider Vinegar? These Are The Benefits

Do you already drink apple cider vinegar? These are the benefits

Apple cider vinegar is the absolute favorite of many foodies and health experts. So many healing properties are attributed to this sour substance that it is actually a shame if you don’t have a bottle of it in the kitchen. Could your digestion, blood sugar, or immune system use some love? Are you ready for a detox or does your skin need a boost?

Drink your goli apple cider vinegar and experience the wonders:

Apple cider vinegar

1. It supports your digestion
The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar supports your digestion. It helps produce the right amount of stomach acid, stimulates the enzymes in your stomach, and ensures that nutrients are better absorbed.

2. It helps your body detox
Apple cider vinegar is packed with antioxidants. These help your lymph nodes to quickly and efficiently remove toxic substances such as alcohol, xenoestrogens and chemicals from medicines, for example.

3. It is good for your blood sugar
Apple cider vinegar can balance your blood sugar. And that’s great, because a good blood sugar level is necessary for, among other things, a correct hormone balance, emotional stability, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol and less appetite for sweets.

4. It strengthens your immune system
Apple cider vinegar’s high acidity and alkalizing properties help defend your body against viruses and bacteria. If you regularly drink apple cider vinegar, you will boost your immune system.

5. It makes you more beautiful
Real beauty comes from within, and apple cider vinegar lends a hand. By supporting your body in digestion and detoxification, your skin will naturally get a radiant, healthy glow.

Just bite through the sour apple

Apple cider vinegar is sour. Very sour. When you drink it for the first time, the taste takes some getting used to, to say the least. After a while, you can knock back your daily water with apple cider vinegar without looking or blushing, but you can make it a little more pleasant for yourself by adding a little honey.

Choose the organic variant

Apple cider vinegar is made from doubly fermented apple juice. With unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar, the so-called ‘mother’ remains intact. These are the cloudy strands that you see at the bottom of the bottle. However unsavory those strings look; it is precisely this that contains all the good substances. Do shake before use, to take full advantage of it.

Drink your apple cider vinegar mixed with water

The acid in apple cider vinegar can be quite tough on your stomach, so never drink apple cider vinegar pure. It is best to mix the vinegar with a glass of warm or cold water, possibly with a little honey to soften the acid even further. By the way, vinegar doesn’t really make your tooth enamel happy , so drink it through a straw.

How much and when?

You guessed it: too much of a good thing is counterproductive. The advice ranges from two teaspoons to a maximum of two tablespoons per day. First start with a teaspoon and see how your body reacts. You can drink your water with apple cider vinegar before a meal, but in the morning – on an empty stomach – it may be too intense. After breakfast is a better option.


Do you suffer from a cold? Then use apple cider vinegar instead of cough syrup. With a spicy apple cider vinegar drink you can get rid of your cold in no time.

4 Tips On How To Buy Cheap And Good Organic Food

4 Tips On How To Buy Cheap And Good Organic Food

It makes a lot of sense to know more about organic food in the context in which we currently live.

In the world, more food is produced than we need to live, a good part is wasted and does not feed the most needy people.

In the meantime, you must realize that, in your midst, we are exposed to food in different situations and places. Numerous supermarkets, fairs, grocery stores, restaurants, snack bars, shopping malls, convenience stores and even cinemas provide food.

Let’s understand this now and, in addition, you will know 4 amazing tips on how to buy cheap and good organic food!

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Introducing the Food System

Good Organic Food

The food we enjoy is part of what we call the food system. Such a system ranges from the planting and harvesting of food, its processing in industry and / or the kitchen, going through several stages of choice, transformation and storage, until it is consumed and its remains collected and discarded.

The conventional food system, which is prevalent in the world, is characterized by the intense use of chemical fertilizers and phytosanitary products also called pesticides, transgenic seeds, veterinary drugs, mechanization of the field and the development of the food industry and agribusiness.

Organic food as an alternative

Due to these negative consequences, a form of food production has developed around the world that is concerned with not harming the environment, considering biodiversity, without using transgenic seeds or chemical and pesticide fertilizers.

This type of agriculture produces organic food.

That is, food of animal or vegetable origin produced without the use of contaminants, from a food system that makes sustainable use of nature’s resources, protects biodiversity, contributes to the creation of jobs for society and respects traditional knowledge in food production and the rhythm of nature.

Where to find organic food?

As there is still no large production of organic food or such a high demand from consumers, it is common for them to be found at a higher cost compared to conventional foods.

If you look for them in large supermarkets, the price difference will probably be greater than non-organic food.

Usually until you get there the food passes through several intermediaries, making the product more expensive.

So I brought 4 tips for you to buy organic food at a lower cost.

Come on?

Buy seasonal vegetables, fruits and vegetables. In the harvest, vegetables always have a lower price.

Look for places where there are fewer intermediaries between the farmer and the consumer, such as grocery stores or retail stores. It is still best to purchase directly from producers at organic fairs. If you don’t know where there are organic fairs in your city, this organic fairs website can help you! He brings a map with several fairs in Brazil, as well as recipes and a library with interesting files.

Grow organic food at home! Set aside a space in your yard or garden, or make an apartment garden . Planting food at home, even in small quantities, is a way to increase the consumption of fresh and organic foods. In addition to making the environment more beautiful and cozy.

Search or organize community gardens in your neighborhood. They are usually made in public spaces such as squares, in the building’s garden, health units or schools and it is a way of producing organic food, as well as interacting with people.

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Effect Of Insulin For Fat Burning

In short, insulin is the hormone that stores fat. While that may sound really bad, this is really just the work of the hormone insulin.

Every time you eat, you activate insulin. At that point, this tells your body to convert the food you have just eaten into stored energy. Once you have finished eating, insulin then activates the body to use the stored energy. So you can store this energy for hours, without having to eat again.

However, it is important to understand that this energy can be converted into body fat. Body fat is actually nothing more or less than providing our body with energy in times of need. The problem with this in this present time, however, is that we humans are never actually short of food and we do not allow our bodies to access this body fat as energy.

Because insulin determines whether your body stores fat or burns fat, you have to make sure that insulin starts working properly again in order to burn fat. High insulin levels keep your body in a fat storage state, while low insulin levels allow your body to burn fat for energy.

And this is where the carbs come into play. Because of all macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), it is the carbohydrates that have the greatest influence on insulin.

Because every time you eat carbohydrates, you activate an insulin response. That is why a diet with a lot of refined carbohydrates is not good for your body and certainly not for weight loss. Your body constantly uses carbohydrates as energy and never gets around to using fat as energy. And the more carbohydrates you eat, the higher your blood sugar , so the higher your insulin level, and therefore the more you store them as body fat.

Continue to eat carbohydrates

And over time, it becomes more and more difficult for your body to use the stored fat for energy as you become more and more insulin resistant. Your body needs more and more carbohydrates (the sugar addiction ).

Depending on how insulin resistant you are, even eating the good healthy carbohydrates like sweet potato , oatmeal , fruit can stop the burning of fats as energy.

In the first instance it is important to lower your carbohydrate intake. But then the fats also come into play. Because what you are going to reduce in carbohydrates, you supplement with fats (and proteins).

The important role of fat

Fats do not make you fat. On the contrary, you need them as an energy source and you need them to eventually burn your own body fat. 3 reasons not to cut back on fat and add it to your diet:

They do not produce an insulin response

In order to address insulin resistance in your body and put the body back into a fat-burning mode, it is important to eat more fat. Not only is fat vital to overall health, but it also doesn’t cause an insulin response the way carbohydrates do in your body.

Without fat, the body continues to use carbohydrates and your body continues to demand carbohydrates. Also, your body can never turn the switch from carbohydrate burning to fat burning. And ultimately the body cannot burn body fat (see point 4). Your body must first learn to burn dietary fat before it can start burning its own body fat.

Because fat a lot calories

The question: “How many calories per day can I eat or do I need to lose weight?” Might be 1 …contains, which you should not be alarmed by, it helps to keep a longer satiated feeling. It is mainly the carbohydrates in our diet that allow us to eat. Not the fats. And fats, unlike carbohydrates, keep our blood sugar levels stable, so you don’t get hungry as quickly.

You will also notice that by adding more fat you will have less need for another meal. You have a much more stable energy level. You can continue to eat fats for much longer than you can eat carbohydrates. Because the latter stock must be constantly replenished in your body.