Fitpro: 2 KEY Reasons Your Clients Resist Change

Fitpro: 2 KEY Reasons Your Clients Resist Change

Do you ever feel like no matter what you say or how you say it some of your clients seem resistant to your expert advice?

As a former  fit pro, I used to have to deal with these two scenarios all the time:

1. I had to chase some of my clients constantly, asking for weekly food trackers, measurements, etc.

2. My inbox and phone got bombarded with questions, excuses and moan fests from some clients

Of course I had some amazing clients. The type who went “Ok Anna, tell me what to do and I’ll do it”. So I told them what to do and they went and did it. Heaven!

But other clients did my head in. It was a constant struggle with them that took a lot of time and energy, and made me question myself as a fit pro at times. Sometimes I considered quitting the whole thing!

Why do some people find it so damn hard to stick to the program?

What’s wrong with them, or you?

Nothing. Believe it or not, it’s not a people problem (most of the time).

But telling people what to do is not enough to achieve lasting change. We must help them change their behavior. And to change their behavior we must influence their mind, and their heart.

It’s not because they don’t want results, because they’re too lazy, or because it’s too hard.

Every day millions of people willingly make the biggest life change there is: they have a baby!

Having a baby changes everything instantly. Yet people rise to the occasion and make it work.

Most people don’t take care of the baby for a few hours and then go “forget it, it’s too hard” or “I’ve messed up, I’ll start again on Monday”.

Why not?

Consider this:

Our left brain (the rational side) is what we use to reflect and analyze. It’s the part of our mind we use to decide we’re gonna get up extra early to go to the gym or boot camp, before work.

Our right brain (the emotional side) is in charge of creativity, imagination, and the right now. It’s the part of our mind that decides it’s best to stay all wrapped up in our warm and comfy duvet just a little longer.

The left brain is like a jockey and the right brain is like a wild horse. And the wild horse overpowers the jockey a lot of the time!

As a fit pro, if with your words and actions you reach the jockey in your client’s mind but not the wild horse, you’ll have a client who’ll have understanding but no motivation.

If on the other hand you reach the wild horse but not the jockey within, you’ll have passion without direction.

Two recipes for disaster!

2 things are keeping your clients from getting faster, better and more lasting results:

1. Confusion

2. Exhaustion

1. If the jockey isn’t sure what direction to go he’ll lead the horse in circles. So, what might look like resistance from your client might just be a lack of clarity.

Research shows people are more likely to change when the new behavior expected of them is crystal clear. If you’re getting questions like “is coffee allowed in the diet?”, or “what do you mean by a protein rich breakfast?”, or “can I still have full fat milk?”… you’ve a problem!

2. The jockey will never tug the reins hard enough to get the wild horse to submit. He’ll achieve nothing much, but he’ll get really exhausted. This is why people keep falling off the wagon, feeling bad, and saying they’ve no self-control or will power. It’s been scientifically proven that both of these are exhaustible resources.

Your client’s self-control and will power could be burnt up from trying to control, supervise and keep the status quo in other areas of their life. By the time they come to you, they might not have any self-control and will power left.

What’s a fit pro to do?

When people run out of self-control they also exhaust the mental muscles needed to think creatively, stay focused, persist and inhibit impulsive behaviors. All the things needed to make quick, big, lasting changes!

So, what seems like resistance is often a lack of clarity and direction. What seems like laziness is often exhaustion.

And a lot of fit pros end up totally confused and exhausted trying to figure this out.

Some start doubting their own abilities. It affects their self-confidence. It drains their passion and energy. Some even consider leaving the industry.

After all the money, time and effort you’ve put into becoming the best fit pro you can be..?

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