27 BIG Lies Sabotaging Your Health, Weight Loss And Happiness

How Many Of These Have you Been Led To Believe? 25 Big Lies Sabotaging Your Health, Weight Loss and Happiness

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1. When in front of other people, you must keep quiet, behave and blend in

2. If you’re “bold”, you must be punished

3. If you’re a “good girl”, you deserve a sweet treat

4. If you’re sad, a sweet treat will make you feel better

5. If someone offers you sweets, it’s polite to accept it and rude not to

6. If someone asks for your help and you say no, you’re a bad person

7. If you’re a girl you’ve got to like pink, make up and heels like all the other girls

8. If you don’t want to eat your vegetables, it’s fine, you can have whatever you want

9. If you don’t pass an exam it means you’ve failed

10. If you’re sixteen and don’t know what career path to follow, there’s something wrong with you

11. If you’re under 10 stone you’re too skinny

12. If you’re 12 stone or over you’re a “real woman”

13. If you ate your body weight in crap food at the weekend, you were just being “naughty”

14. If you’re a mum, your children come first

15. If you’re a wife, your husband comes first

16. As a woman, you must have a career, get married, have children and look like a model to be successful and happy

17. If you’re thirty or over and are not slim, married, with children and an amazing career, you’re a failure

18. Men are only interested in thin women with big boobs

19. If you don’t eat unhealthy foods and drink alcohol, you’re boring

20. If you lift weights, you’ll get muscly and grow a penis

21. If you stop lifting weights, your muscle will turn into fat

22. If you eat healthily all the time, you’re missing out in life

23. Avoid confrontation at all costs, it’s better to keep your feelings bottled up

24. Stressed out, tired, sad angry, bored..? A bottle of wine a night will fix that

25. It’s normal to be tired and feel like shit all the time

26. If someone pays you a compliment, they’re probably lying

27. Behaving confidently means you’re arrogant

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